The Next Best Thing To Bare Feet

Posted on August 05, 2017 by Les Sharma

Few items of footwear are as important as baby's first shoes! Soft enough to provide the comfort that's essential for tiny feet, pre-walking shoes also need to be durable enough to cope with hours of play and exploration as well as an attractive addition to your child's wardrobe.  As specialists in providing early shoes which are specifically designed and manufactured for tiny feet, we've taken a look at some of the key advantages that opting for soft sole leather shoes can bring to a child's initial steps.

Snuggle Feet baby shoe soles are made from brushed suede, this means they help to stop slipping on smooth floors.

Why choose first shoes?

Cruising shoes are suitable not only for walking, but also for children who are beginning to progress from crawling to standing and then to toddling. A good-quality shoe can protect the soft skin of  the upper and lower foot from outdoor grime and dirt as well as the irregularities found on interior floors (especially bare boards – even a sanded and varnished board may harbour a small splinter). Because the shoe gently encases the foot, it doesn't matter if baby crawls, drags themselves up into standing or walks, the foot remains protected. The first cruisers we offer are suitable for indoor use as well as gentle forays into the great outdoors!

Ultra-soft, buttery leather for ultimate comfort

A traditional material for boots and shoes, leather isn't just durable, it's also soft enough ensure the foot retains its natural shape. The brushed suede leather that we use for the soles of our shoes for little ones provides more grip than simply walking in socks or tights – a real benefit for those wobbly first steps!  Another reason we like leather so much is that it's breathable (so a great option for warmer days) as well as providing an insulating layer between bare skin and a cold floor; nobody likes to put their feet on a chilly surface!  In the event of a spill or stain, leather baby shoes can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth and some gentle detergent – ideal for messy youngsters!  All our first baby shoes comply with relevant European safety directives.

Children wearing Snuggle Feet shoes

Leather cruisers help baby feel the floor

Although small sized “adult” style shoes are readily available (including trainers) on the market, one of the problems with these is that the wearer isn't readily able to feel the ground beneath their feet. Particularly in the early days of becoming more mobile, feedback from the nerves on the soles of the feet is important in order for a child to improve their walking skills. The little shoes and boots we sell have been created with a thin, soft leather sole. This provides the protection small feet need at the same time as allowing the wearer to get neural feedback from the surface they're in contact with. Our shoes benefit from an elasticated top, keeping them firmly in position without the need for constricting laces or buckles. This not only prevents them from slipping when baby is walking, it also means they're less likely to come off and get lost when you're out and about.

Beautiful first shoes

In addition to being practical and highly functional, we believe baby shoes should also look appealing to both parent and child. Attractive footwear can provide the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, at the same time as encourage the child to want to wear their shoes. We offer gorgeous animal themed choices (take a look at our beautiful mouse and adorable lion shoes), as well as a range of versatile designs such as boats, hearts, flowers, rockets and robots. Available in a variety of colours, our cruisers can be mixed and matched with a number of different outfits. A great option for pre-school, nursery or home, the first shoes we offer are also suitable for special occasions, trips away or holidays.

Bryn wearing our Star baby shoes

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