First Shoes Make Autumn Even Better

Posted on September 20, 2017 by Les Sharma

If the tree have begun to change colour and you're waking up to a bit of a nip in the air, autumn is on the way. One of our favourite seasons, it's great to be out and about, enjoying the warmer days before temperatures start to plummet.  It's also a time to get organised, planning out activities and events for the next few months, as well as beginning to think about suitable gifts for the festive season. From delightful toddler cruiser shoes that are just the thing for rustling through those piles of fallen leaves to gorgeous toys,  first shoes and photo frames which are perfect for christenings, new arrivals and baby showers, at Snuggle Feet, we've got autumn covered!


Early shoes help make autumn fun

From the wonder of a spider's web, jewelled with dew drops, to richly coloured, auburn conkers, nature is beautiful during the autumn months. Younger children love the opportunity to do their own exploring, which is where a pair of early years shoes really help. The pre-walking shoes we provide are made from soft leather and designed to gently encase the foot, protecting it from harm. Elasticated at the top, cruising shoes stay securely fastened, enabling older babies and toddlers to move easily. A brushed suede sole adds grip at the same time as allowing children to feel the ground beneath their feet – essential for improving confidence and stability during early walking.

Snuggle Feet toddler shoes in autumn colours

Just the thing for trips to parks, days out or nursery, Snuggle Feet baby shoes are designed not only to provide a comfortable, high-quality wearing experience, but also to look good with many different outfits. If you like the greens and browns which are typical of the season, why not take a look at our cute fox baby shoes or classic soft brown baby boots?

Fox baby shoes

Play pretend with Snuggle Feet toys

The smells, sounds and sights of autumn give children plenty to think about, helping them to develop their imaginative skills and ask questions about the world around them. Our selection of wooden toys have been chosen to do the same, giving children the chance to think imaginatively and come up with all sorts of pretend games. Brightly coloured and very durable, the wooden toys we offer include toddler pull-alongs, jigsaws and music boxes. For a contemporary twist on our traditional toys, ask about our FREE, personalised engraving service.

Autumn - Children playing


Plenty of ideas for autumn gifting

Early birthdays, mums-to-be, baby showers and new birth events – no matter what you're celebrating, we've got a suitable gift on hand. As well as first shoes and our collection of wooden toys, we also offer gift baskets, hampers and gift sets that can be customized as you wish. Useful as well as attractive, pre-walking shoes are always a welcome present. From loveable mice to adorable dinosaurs, we've picked a mixture of traditional and fresh designs that have wide appeal. Playful puppy shoes are a delightful addition to any junior wardrobe - opt for a matching body suit to complete the look and create a gorgeous gift set.

Ideal for autumn babies, our gift baskets can be filled with your own choice of products – just pick the basket or hamper you prefer from our range, choose the gifts you want to include and let us do the rest. Each basket is individually packed and we also offer a gift wrapping service. We can even send the hamper or basket direct to the intended recipient – no need to send it on.

Let's make autumn special for the people that mean the most to you with attractive gifts that are always well-received. From early shoes to unique engraved plaques (pick your own message), luxury toiletries and photo frames, we provide stock premium parent, younger child and baby gifts that are suitable for almost any occasion. Why not take a look round and see what's on offer?

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