Cosy First Shoes and Boots for Cooler Days

Posted on October 21, 2017 by Les Sharma

Darker starts and a chill in the air are sure signs that autumn is with us. The season of mists and wetter days calls for warm coats and footwear that can cope with whatever the weather may bring. This is where we can help, offering a beautiful collection of baby shoes, cruisers and toddler boots which are gently shaped to softly cradle delicate toes at the same time as being robust enough to cope with a spot of damp or lower temperatures. Whether you're looking round for new toddler shoes for your own children, or intend to treat a friend or relative's child to some gorgeous fresh autumn footwear, we've got the perfect solution.

Soft leather protects tiny feet from cold and damp

As children get older, the urge to move becomes overwhelming! Whether it's kicking off their blanket in the buggy or taking those early steps, younger children are always on the go. This means that any first shoes they wear must provide the cover needed to keep the cold at bay, as well as the flexibility to mould securely to the foot without causing any chafing or rubbing. Our collection of baby first shoes and boots are made from wonderfully soft leather – a traditional shoe material that's well-known for its pliability. Warm to the touch, the leather is ideal as a barrier between skin and cold floors. At this time of year, boards or tiles can get pretty nippy during the night; a pair of our first shoes means baby has a warmer layer between their toes and chilly surfaces.

Non-slip surface for secure walking

When it comes to staying upright, our shoes are designed to grip really well. This ensures that whether it's time to get vertical for the first time, or you're buying for an accomplished young walker, our little shoes will ensure non-slip security. Because the sole is a single layer of leather, it's thin enough for little one to feel the ground beneath their feet, maximising balance and assisting in establishing a stable walking pattern.

Use our sizing guide for a great fit

Sizing can be a challenge, particularly when cooler temperatures mean that thicker tights or socks will be worn with first shoes or boots. If in doubt about what size is going to be best, our handy sizing guide gives easy-to-follow instructions on measuring to maximise the chances of a perfect fit. Luckily, children continue to grow during the winter, so a pair of shoes which fits wonderfully well with a thicker sock will often be equally suitable when worn with a bare foot next Spring or Summer. For customers who are unable to obtain accurate measurements for any reason, we suggest buying larger rather than smaller, as children can quickly grow into shoes.

First boots that stay on!

Children are wrigglers, which means any footwear they have needs to be firmly fastened in place. Our children's shoes are attached to the foot with an elasticated ankle feature that gently keeps the shoe in place, no matter how energetic the child may be. Particularly when you really need a child to keep their footwear on in order to keep cosy, the reassurance of reliable fastenings can be really helpful.

Easy to keep clean and water-resistant, our cute little shoes and boots are just the thing to provide the warmth and comfort a little one needs as the thermometer starts to fall. We stock a wide selection of first shoes, available in some adorable designs and a wide range of colours. Why not opt for a pair of our soft, faux-fur trimmed winter first boots - a great finishing touch for any autumn or winter outfit as well as being comfortable and adaptable? If you want to keep little feet toasty our selection of early years boots and shoes are just the thing, with welcome warmth and a high snuggle factor integral characteristics of every pair!

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