Choosing The Right Size Baby Shoe

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Les Sharma

When buying shoes for your baby it is very important to get the correct size.
Buying a size larger to get more wear really isn’t a good idea. Shoes that are too big can cause all sorts of problems, remember that you baby is only just starting to walk and won’t be confident on her feet. Wearing a shoe that is too large may cause her to trip and fall, or it is even possible the shoe may fall off.
On the other hand a shoe that has been measured incorrectly and is too small can cause just as many problems. A shoe that is a size too small could rub on a baby’s delicate skin; this in turn could lead to sores and blisters. Not a very nice experience and one that could put a baby off trying to walk for a while.
So, when you are buying shoes for your baby, please take the time to measure correctly.
We have a shoe sizing guide on the Snuggle feet website, this gives you instructions on the best way to measure your child’s feet correctly. We also offer exchanges if you do find you need a larger or smaller size.

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