Snuggle Leg, Baby Leg Warmers

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Les Sharma

We have received our delivery of our Snuggle Legs! This is a product I am really excited about as I think they make the perfect partner to our Snuggle Feet baby shoes.

I listened to what our baby shoe customers were saying, they were buying our baby shoes and then going elsewhere to buy their leg warmers…This was not good for business so I decided to find out about manufacturing our own brand of baby leg warmers, with the contacts I already had it was pretty straight forward and a few weeks after the initial idea, here they are!

Our Snuggle Legs are suitable for babies and children, they are soft and have allot of stretch in them. They can be worn in the winter or summer and protect baby’s knees when starting to crawl and cruise.

On girls, they can be worn instead of tights…making nappy changing much easier! Our fabulous designs for boys are ideal for wearing with shorts or an all in one.

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