Cruising Shoes – Are They Worth It?

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Les Sharma

I spoke to a customer on Tuesday who was unsure about what size Snuggle Feet shoes to buy for her daughter who was just about to turn one, she had been to a well known children’s shoe shop and been advised to purchase cruising shoes at a cost of £22 which she felt was allot of money for a shoe her daughter may only wear for a few weeks.

I gave her my opinion, as a mother. I think it is best, if possible, to let your child move around with bare feet when indoors. That said allot of people are concerned about splinters from wooden floors or other possible hazards, in that case Soft leather shoes like Snuggle Feet will help to protect little feet but still allow the room for the toes to spread out and for baby to learn to use their feet correctly. When out doors, say in the garden the our shoes are the perfect protection, still giving feet the flexibility to move freely.

Having been a customer of the most well known Children’s shoe shop and having bought my three boy’s school shoes from them, I do feel their focus has shifted over the last year to a much heavier sales patter.
I have managed to speak to someone who works for this company as a team supervisor and was shocked to hear of the immense pressure the sales teams are put under. I know that this is a business, but some of the tactics used are very hard selling. The supervisor I spoke to told me of the weekly sales targets they have to meet, the cross selling they have to push the customer into buying, the re booking of fitting appointments and the fact they are only allowed to show the customer a half a size bigger shoe for their child so they are forced to return in the quickest possible time.

For me, soft leather shoes are the next best thing to bare feet. Ankles really do not need to be supported at such and age and the thicker rubber soles of some cruising shoes can make it difficult for babies just on their feet to really feel what is happening under them.

So, I would love to know what your feeling are on this subject. What shoes do you buy for your child and why?

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