How And Why We Started Snuggle Feet – Part 2

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Les Sharma

We really got things going in 2007, after we decided on our product, we had to find someone to manufacture it. We had contacts in the baby industry as we had been running since 2003, but this was different. We needed to make the baby shoes at a price that meant we could then offer them to our customers at a fantastic price!

Firstly we approached leather factories and manufacturers in the UK, we always love to support local or UK business if at all possible. The stumbling block we had with the UK suppliers and manufactures was the cost…We really wanted our USP to be our price, this just wasn’t going to be possible however much we would have loved it.

So, the next step was approaching manufacturers abroad, again the experience we had gained from setting up the baby gift business really helped out, we were confident to ask the right questions and get all the information we needed. We had to do allot of research regarding the leather that would be used, toxicity reports and all the important information that we would need to feel confident in bringing the baby shoes to market.

It took a while but we found a fantastic factory. The manager, Sharon, was really helpful and held our hands through the whole process. We ordered samples, requested reports, decided on designs (the fun part!) designed a logo, this all took place over a few months. So, we had our shoes…designed in the UK, manufactured in Shanghai!

Finally, midway through 2007 we had a pair of  Snuggle Feet in our hands…It was the start of a new venture!

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