Cake Smashing – The Latest Baby Trend!

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Les Sharma

If you haven’t heard of cake smashing, you soon will! This is the latest craze in the baby world. As the name says a ‘cake smash’ is basically a baby smashing up a cake, this can be in the form of a photo shoot or at a party.

Many families are deciding to hold a cake smash to celebrate a first birthday, rather than holding a formal photo shoot a cake smash gives an opportunity for much more fun! The baby is presented with a cake, usually decorated to match their outfits and are left to their own devices, some babies just smash right in and get covered head to toe in crumbs and cream, others will just pick at the edges!

A cake smash can also be held at the birthday party, everyone can sing ‘Happy Birthday’ the candles can be blown out and removed and the cake handed to the baby, the parents can then take their own photos for the family album.

So, what do you think of cake smashing? Is it a great fun idea or a waste of a perfectly good cake?

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