Buying Baby Gift Baskets and Baby Hampers

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Les Sharma

Have you ever been frustrated when buying a gift for a newborn? Did you want to buy more items but did not know what the mother and child may need, or did not want to spend too much money? Do you have a hard time balancing the cuteness quotient with an acceptable dollar amount to be spent? If so, consider buying a baby gift basket.
There are times when we try and try to find the perfect gift for a newborn, but it can be so difficult. Even if the market was not flooded with so many adorable gifts, toys and clothes for their first years, we would still have to compete with the parents themselves. Nine months is a long time to shop and stock up on everything cute and adorable the new parents and grandparents see. By the time a baby shower rolls around or the child is born it can be difficult to buy something unique for the little one.

My answer is a gift basket. Gift baskets can be such wonderful gifts. Instead of giving her one new beautiful baby dress or adorable onesie, you can give her a basket full of goodies which she is sure to enjoy.

There are certain childhood icons that every mother and baby can recognize. With that being the case there is no reason why you can not use this to choose a baby gift basket with ease. One of the most popular children’s characters ever is Elmo. Why not buy the mother a baby gift basket for their new little one that features the loveable red guy? Both the parents and the child are sure to love to receive that as a gift.

One popular theme among nurseries for both little boys and girls are animals. Animals are always cute when associated with children. The animals found in a gift basket could be popular standbys such as puppies and little yellow duckies or other animals such as lambs, frogs or monkeys. Many parents are choosing not to find out the sex of the baby and instead decorating in more neutral ways such as zoo animals or jungle animals as a central theme.

We do not always buy just for the baby shower, but sometimes we give our gift after the baby is already here. If this is the case, there may be a special set of circumstances to consider. For instance, if the baby arrived early we may want to consider buying a gift basket made especially for preemies. If the parents had twins we may want to buy a gift basket for twins, instead one just for a single child.

Another thing to consider is not just the cuteness factor, which of course should always be considered because the cuter the happier the new mom may be, but also the functionality of the gift. Baby gift baskets do come in many shapes and sizes and what is inside also varies from basket to basket. Some items in gift baskets could include clothing, bibs, blankets, stuffed animals, baby care items and keepsakes. When deciding which basket to buy, it is a good idea to think about what you want to give. Is this present purely whimsical, toys and keepsakes to enjoy, or do you need more function like blankets and bath items.

When buying a baby gift basket it really does not matter how well you know the recipients. Parents who are family members or close friends will appreciate the gesture as much as simple acquaintances. Another good thing about gift baskets is that they come in so many different themes and price ranges; they are really the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it is the baby shower, a welcome home present or even for the little one’s first birthday party.

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